Ascent Architecture

Planning Pre-application Enquiry

With all but the most straightforward of applications, it is advisable to make what is known as a Pre-application Enquiry prior to the submission of a full planning application.

This enquiry, consisting of the existing drawings, proposed sketch drawings and an accompanying letter, will seek to ascertain the likelihood of approval being granted should a full planning application be submitted.

The aim of a Pre-application Enquiry is to pave the way for a successful outcome to a full planning application. Its objective is to elicit what, if any, potential objections there may be so that these can be addressed prior to the submission of a full application. A ‘Pre-app’ is considerably cheaper than a full planning application in terms of both our and local authority fees. It helps avoid the potential disappointment, not to mention wasted time and money, associated with a planning refusal.

A scheme that receives positive feedback from a Pre-application Enquiry is likely (although not guaranteed) to be approved when a subsequent full planning application is made.

Planning Preapplication Enquiry