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Needs & Options Review

In the same way that a surgeon would not operate without first diagnosing symptoms, experience has taught us the importance of rigorous research prior to any design work. When this research is superficial or rushed it will always be to the detriment of the project.

We have systematized this information gathering & research process into a service called a Needs & Options Review, which we consider the principal foundation for a successful project outcome.

The service starts with meeting you on site and concludes with a written report. The following is addressed:

  • • First listen, to understand your practical as well as emotional requirements & aspirations; explain and then identify your required Return(s) on Design and help clarify these into a brief
  • • Discuss and identify any constraints as well as opportunities
  • • Explore pre-design/conceptual ideas and any options
  • • Discuss what (if any) planning approval(s) are required or whether the proposed project falls within Permitted Development
  • • Outline how the design process works, timings and stages involved e.g. obtaining local authority approvals
  • • Help to clarify the level of architectural service you may require for the project beyond the N&OR, and provide a fee quotation
  • • Identify and discuss the likely need for involvement of other consultants e.g. structural engineer, energy assessor

The N&OR serves as a valuable stand-alone service to help your decision-making processes, regardless of whether you ultimately decide to appoint us or others for the main project.

Our fee for a N&OR starts at £795 + VAT for extension or alterations to a single dwelling – contact us for a quotation.

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