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Planning Permitted Development

Certain work can be undertaken without the need for conventional planning approval, subject to compliance with strict criteria. This is known as Permitted Development.

Certain domestic house extensions & outbuildings can be built under Permitted Development. Note that this doesn’t apply to flats. Details of the criteria to be met can be found on the government’s Planning Portal website:

Commercial (including Commercial Residential)
Certain changes of use (including to residential), adding additional roof storeys for residential use (known as “Right-to-Rise”) and demolition are all Permitted Development.

In almost all cases it would be wise, if not a legal requirement, to formalise Permitted Development via a Lawful Development Certificate or Prior Approval application to the local planning authority, prior to undertaking work.

Compliance with Permitted Development is complicated, with many caveats & criteria to be met. For this reason we strongly advise you first consult with us (via a Needs & Options Review), or a planning consultant before undertaking any such work.

Planning Permitted Development